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Looking Across the Valley

In the few weeks since we last wrote about the coronavirus situation and its impact on the stock and bond markets, a lot has changed. The stock market dropped firmly into bear market territory. Bond yields and even gold prices have been whipsawed around, indicating that at times the only thing some investors seem to […]

Beating Up Big Tech

In the early days of the Internet, the concept of what can and should be published–and who is responsible for it–troubled authorities. Despite a key 1996 law that seemed to address the issue, more than two decades of explosive growth in the amount of information available online has exacerbated that concern, and prompted new ones. […]

5G Wireless

Companies that develop or benefit from wireless technology have had a place in BTR’s portfolios for years.  In the most advanced economies, smart phones are ubiquitous, and they are becoming ever more prevalent in developing economies, so the theme is maturing.  As we embark upon the fifth generation of wireless technology, a.k.a. 5G, it behooves […]

Cancer: A New Game

“Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet.”                                                               Michael Douglas, Actor The medical community is in the midst of […]

A Dry State

In 2011 (“Water, Water, Every Where, Nor Any Drop To Drink”), we wrote about how a growing, industrializing world population was placing strain on the planet’s fresh water resources.  Back then there was an obvious need for governments to be thinking about expanding their water supply options.  Today, the issue is more urgent, and closer […]