Rigor – Insight – Diligence

BTR portfolio managers rigorously research investments on behalf of our clients. Our goal is to identify themes and sources of value in advance of their recognition by the broader market. We devote the bulk of the firm’s research efforts and expertise to developing these insights. By hiring BTR as a discretionary manager, our clients hold us accountable for bringing our best ideas to bear in managing their portfolios. BTR also brings the same level of diligence to each client relationship, in an attempt to ensure that each investment portfolio is customized to a client’s objectives and the potential for risk and return are properly aligned.

Conservative – Consistent – Thematic

Since the firm’s founding, we have consistently followed what we believe is a conservative and time-tested approach to investing. Our conservative approach means we work diligently to avoid unjustified aggressiveness and outsized losses, even though investing in any financial instrument inherently involves a risk of loss. Our priorities are to preserve the investment assets that our clients have accumulated and grow them to meet future objectives. We seek to identify investment themes that we believe will generate above-average returns and pay close attention to the prices we pay for securities relative to measures of long-term or intrinsic value. This approach has resulted in a track record of strong performance.

Service – Integrity – Partnership

Responsiveness and transparency are the two most important elements of a financial advisory relationship. BTR places a high emphasis on the quality of communication with our clients; we seek open, honest, and transparent interaction. We embrace our role as trusted advisor, problem solver, and leader on a client’s financial team, and partner closely with their accountants and attorneys. BTR portfolio managers work with our clients to reduce the complexity associated with ongoing financial management.